Silverthread is a software analysis company whose mission is to help businesses thrive by rigorously evaluating software assets and making complex code simpler through better architecture. Silverthread’s team has decades of experience working with software firms and organizations impacted by software including Siemens, IBM, Thomson Reuters, Red Hat, and many others.  Our team of experts in software design, technology management, and finance has developed tools and techniques for measuring & managing ‘Technical Debt’ in software.

With roots from MIT and Harvard University, Silverthread has performed numerous assessments of commercial and government systems linking high-level system properties with a number of key metrics including:

  • risk
    • performance risk
    • non-delivery risk
    • compliance/liability risk
  • security vulnerabilities
  • code quality
  • productivity
  • maintainability
  • reliability
  • cost effectiveness
  • staff morale and turnover

We have helped organizations with large and long-lived software assets build insight, enhance decision-making, attack complexity, and continuously improve.  Using our tools and techniques, we are now working with customers to collaboratively explore and assess codebases, to assist planning, and to improve where appropriate.

To learn more about how we can help you, please contact us and try out our tools on your code.