Silverthread –  a trusted research and technology partner

Founded in 2013, Silverthread was based on 15 years of joint MIT Engineering and Harvard Business School research and development. The company’s strong academic roots are the foundation of its CodeMRI® technology, which focuses on new methods for measuring software health. Through its extensive research, Silverthread has developed its own data vault of over 10,000 codebases, which coupled with its predictive analytics tools, provides strong statistical connections between technical health and agility, defects, system safety and security, developer productivity, risk/vulnerability and the ability to drive new revenues.

A grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF), specifically the NSF I-Corps program, in 2013 provided the necessary springboard for the company in its product commercialization.

Today, Silverthread’s CodeMRI® technology helps business and technology leaders collaborate on strategic efforts to improve business outcomes.  Our patent-pending technologies enable effective steering by illuminating relationships between an engineering organization’s economic performance and the health of the complex codebase (or portfolio of codebases) it develops. We have helped over 100+ commercial and government customers gain visibility into their software design quality, quantify risk, understand ‘cost of ownership’ and risk consequences, fix systems, and drive economic results from better software decisions.



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