Assess Risk and Quality of Your Codebase

  • Examine problems in your software that make it hard to understand what is going on
  • Assess structural problems that cause risk
    • Performance risk
    • Non-delivery risk
    • Compliance and liability risk
  • Develop more informed decisions about quality
  • Determine whether to triage, improve, refactor or rewrite code
  • Understand the financial value and risk involved


Benchmark Against Industry

  • Determine how your code compares against thousands of industry peers
  • Compare if your project is structurally similar to the competition
  • Assess if there is room for improvement
  • Estimate the long-term financial ROI and technical risk of various options

Software Due Diligence

  • Assess critical software developed by contractors and 3rd parties
  • Key questions
    • will the code be delivered on time?
    • will it be delivered at all?
    • what are risk of safety?
    • what are the quality issues?
    • how will the code evolve over time?
  • Audit a critical system before you pay for it
  • Identity key costs before it is too late

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Manage your Software Asset Portfolio

  • Gain visibility into your software assets
  • Improve your financial and operational performance
  • Use data analytics to understand link between technical complexity, operational and business metrics
  • Improve your organizational decision-making
  • Drive more revenues and products