Why Silverthread?

If you want to make an impact on an exciting young high tech startup situated in the shadow of MIT that is transforming the way organizations from gaming to DOD, to aerospace, and scientific computing assess, build and maintain mission critical software systems, you should consider Silverthread. At Silverthread, you will have the opportunity to help shape and guide our products and solutions leveraging your business and technical creativity and innovation skills. If you are a team player focused on building great tech, get excited about a challenge, and want to roll up your sleeves and help build something awesome then this is your opportunity.

This is a great time to join Silverthread as we just raised funding, have an NSF grant, and have some great early customers. We are commercializing 10 years of MIT R&D. Our platform helps software development organizations with complex codebases build insight, improve their systems, and optimize business outcomes.

Job Openings

Software Engineer (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

Silverthread is looking to hire individuals with background in software engineering, data science, web design, finance, cloud computing.  Candidates should have demonstrable experience/expertise in some of the following areas and interest in branching out into others.  No one can know/do it all, so you’ll need to make solid individual contributions in those areas you know best and learn fast so that you can bridge gaps, support others, and lead in the overall effort.

To develop our platform and tools:
– Python, JavaScript, C
– Experience using an ORM such as Rails, Django, Grails, Hibernate, or similar.
– Linux / UNIX development environment
– Use of issue tracking and version control systems

To develop our analysis capabilities:
– Spreadsheet modeling
– Experience in informatics, management science, operations research
– Probability & statistics – regressions, time series analysis, model building, etc.
– Network modeling / analysis, Design Structure Matrices
– Data mining
– Machine learning
– MATLAB and/or Scientific Python packages
– R, STATA, or SAS stats packages
– Use of cloud / distributed computing
– Use and design of databases
– Visualization and the distillation and presentation of complex information to mortals

Technologies & domains:
– Compiler / interpreter technology – such as Lex/Yacc, LLVM, Parsers, etc.
– Web dashboards
– Business intelligence
– Visualization of complex information
– Cloud computing – AWS, Google, Azure, Docker, Hadoop, etc.
– Experience designing, assessing, and improving large software systems
– Software project management and cost/schedule estimation
– Refactoring and modernization
– Finance, accounting, risk modeling, real options
– Experience with consulting and sales for enterprise customers

In addition, you should be comfortable with our startup and R&D culture:
– Intellectually curious and intrinsically motivated
– Interest in doing publishable and patentable research internally and with academic / industry partners
– Willingness to take initiative, take risks, collaborate, learn, and lead
– Willingness to do what it takes to get the job done regardless of job title
– Ability to figure out what needs to be done and do it
– Ability to function with high degrees of ambiguity and risk, and to take a leading role in reducing both

Please send resumes and inquiries to jobs@silverthreadinc.com