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Silverthread is changing the way software developers work

code_developer_miniAs a code developer, you could be part of a team that is focused on developing new features and functions within a codebase. Alternatively, you may be part of a team that is responsible for fixing bugs as quickly as possible during the development process.

Code development teams generally fail to identify underlying issues causing delays and defects due to the lack of their ability to easily see which component to work on first, or waiting to see the impact on how their work has either improved things or made them worse.

When the technical health of systems is impaired, productivity and quality suffer. This can place a heavy drag on the performance on the organization.

Silverthread Advantage:

Dramatically reduce the amount of time required for maintenance and fixing bugs and focus on new development efforts.

Silverthread enables code developers to:

  • Easily understand code created by other developers so they can allocate more of their own time to creating new coding.
  • Make changes to code without finding unanticipated bugs.
  • Reduce the amount of future refactoring required.
  • Confidently write new code and produce fewer bugs.
  • Improve systems, prevent future design quality problems, and to help improve business outcomes.