code_mri_hlGain deep insights into your system’s design health and the likely cost of ownership and the resulting risk-related consequences.

These diagnostics help your technical, project, and executive leadership teams connect the dots between waste & project overruns and the underlying technical root-causes hindering developer agility & maintainability.

CodeMRI Diagnostics benefit both technical and non-technical teams by enabling engineers to drill down on quality challenges, managers to understand delivery challenges, and both to communicate and address critical issues.

CodeMRI Diagnostics can be used to:

  • Help gain insight into third party code
  • Assess the risks of adoption
  • Rapidly target the most challenged parts of a codebase
  • Facilitate conversations about challenges in an unfamiliar system.
  • Visualize design quality
  • Capture architectural health metrics (e.g., modularity, cyclicality, complexity)
  • Benchmark against comparable systems
  • Rapidly target design degradation, improvement opportunities
  • Quantify business impact – risk, schedule, cost, quality, agility