Assessment of the design health and ‘cost of ownership’ of a codebase

  • Visualize design quality
  • Capture architectural health metrics (e.g., modularity, cyclicality, complexity)
  • Benchmark against comparable systems
  • Rapidly target design degradation, improvement opportunities
  • Quantify business impact – risk, schedule, cost, quality, agility
Customized deep dive analysis into a software codebase

  • Attack root cause of software project problems
  • Build strategic ROI-based cases for design & quality improvement
  • Plan technology changes & monitor refactoring progress
  • Keep system healthy and prevent new design problems
  • Measure resulting maintainability, agility, & cost outcomes
1 or 2 day executive workshops targeted at executives, program/project managers, technology leaders, system engineers and software engineers

  • Understand the benefits, principles and practices of software architecture, agility and design health
  • Understand and explore these principles and practices within the context of the customer’s system
  • Enable software leaders to use insights to drive change and continuous improvement
Continuous assessment and improvement in the design health of a codebase

  • Continuously monitor the design health of a system
  • Identify, improve, and fix the design quality
  • Prevent the introduction of design problems
  • Manage a software architecture over time
  • Run within a continuous integration environment