Silverthread Software Architecture Platform

The Silverthread Software Architecture Platform is an automated code analysis solution that enables organizations to gain insights into their codebase, identifying risks and security vulnerabilities while increasing financial and operational performance.



The CodeMRI® solution provides early diagnostics and insights into your codebase, while benchmarking your code with others.   CodeMRI provides valuable snapshots of quality, security vulnerabilities and defects of your codebase, empowering your developers with the information to troubleshoot and fix key defects quickly and efficiently.



The CodeEKG™ solution continuously monitors and manages your codebase with actionable information on key risk areas, while providing real-time analysis on your ‘technical debt balance sheet™‘ – how key modifications can impact key financial metrics such as employee productivity, quality, costs and revenues.

For both solutions, key design quality metrics include modularity, cyclicality and complexity, while key business outcome metrics include maintainability, agility cost and risk.

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