While Agile methods (such as Scrum & XP) and code quality initiatives can help, many organizations find maintaining control and driving long-term results difficult unless they also focus on understanding and improving the quality of their software’s overall design.  Guest presenter Harvard Professor Alan MacCormack and Silverthread CEO Dan Sturtevant will discuss real stories and research showing that software Design Quality is a key driver of a team’s ability to meet schedules, reduce defects, and improve productivity.In this webinar, you will learn how design quality can impact you, your teams and your business results:


  • Theory: What is design quality, how is it different than code quality, and why is it crucial if you want development to be ‘Agile?’
  • Practice: What processes can large organizations use to see, measure, improve and control design quality?
  • Impact: How can software leaders measure business impact in terms of agility, maintainability, risk, cost and financial results?


Join Dan and Alan as they share their experiences, and think about how you might be able to boost your design quality muscle, take back control of software systems and drive results in your organization.

 Downloadable Webinar slides