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Walker Royce is a software economist and executive coach for Silverthread. He is the author of three books: Eureka! Discover and enjoy the hidden power of the English language (Morgan James, 2011), The Economics of Software Development (Addison Wesley, 2009) and Software Project Management, A Unified Framework (Addison Wesley, 1998). He worked his first 16 years at TRW as a system engineer, architect, project manager and chief engineer. He was a recipient of TRW’s Chairman’s Award for Innovation for his contributions in distributed middleware and iterative software process. He was named a TRW Technical Fellow in 1991. In 1994, he joined Rational Software Corporation and as the Vice President of Rational’s field technical services, he built and led a worldwide team of experts in software engineering and productivity improvement. After IBM acquired Rational in 2003, he joined IBM and served as the Vice President of Rational Services through 2010. He then transitioned to IBM’s Chief Software Economist until 2015. He received his BA in physics from the University of California and his MS in computer engineering from the University of Michigan.