Our commitment

Silverthread is committed to helping organizations improve their software cost of ownership, reduce cyber-security risks and gain control of their complex portfolios.

We provide integrated ROI-based solutions

We work closely with our clients to deliver complete solutions that precisely fit their business needs. Whether you are a business or technology decision-maker in your organization, Silverthread provides powerful insights to help make ROI-based business decisions for improvement.

We deliver proven technical tools to our clients that are built on a foundation of integrity, transparency, and trust.

Silverthread is a unique and trusted resource to over 100+ commercial and government organizations throughout the world. Our technology helps business and technology leaders focus and collaborate on efforts to improve their business outcomes.

A trusted research and technology partner

We are eager problem solvers, ready to partner with our clients using the latest technology – by using our decades of extensive research and knowledge – to develop the best solutions for them. Silverthread’s own data vault of over 10,000 codebases, coupled with predictive analytics tools enables our clients to remain agile and manage changes in their operating model.

We give our clients confidence

Our clients’ needs have never been more complex or challenging. A reliable and trusted relationship is a critical factor in successfully navigating the challenges they are facing. Silverthread partners with organizations to provide an objective point of view that is backed by over 15 years of joint MIT Engineering and Harvard Business School research and development.